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Wolfram|Alpha has access to huge databases. The query "temperatures Chicago, San Francisco" will show you the current temperature readings in the two cities and a graph with a week's history and a three-day forecast.

Entering "Thomas" gives information about that given name, including the rank among US births and graphs showing the past century's history of births and estimated current age distribution for Thomases in the US.

The query "meteors in January" will give a list of meteor showers visible in January.

"Sheep in Australia" gives an estimate of how many sheep are in Australia and a graph cover the past 50 years (as well as estimates of populations of other livestock in Australia).

Were Archimedes and Euclid contemporaries? Try "Archimedes, Euclid."

To see more, select the Examples tab at the top of any Wolfram|Alpha page. (To do so without leaving this article, right-click on the tab and open in a new window.) You'll find many different topics (Math, Places & Geography, People & History, Culture & Media, Sports & Games, ...) with several examples in each.


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