It's Not (Only) About Math!

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Try It!
Elementary School
Middle and High School
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Other Advanced Topics
It's Not (Only) About Math!
More Examples (and Data!)
Less Is More
So Is It Perfect Yet?
What About Google?
Possible Implications
A Threat?

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Wolfram|Alpha is relevant to essentially any field with quantifiable features. For physics, try "F=30N,d=100m" or "relativistic momentum electron, 0.8c."

For chemistry, you can check out "grams in 2 moles of water" or "100 mL of 1.5 molar K2CO3 in THF."

Music? Try "F#" or "C major." You can even make Wolfram|Alpha play the note(s) for you! You care about nutrition? Simply look at "calories in 1 bowl of corn flakes + a glass of OJ." Want to check on a stock or two? "dell and apple." Planning a flight? "Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines domestic flights on time."

Geography? Try "Fairview:" Wolfram|Alpha should give infomation about a city named Fairview based on your current location, but you can select others.

Tired of numbers? You can get information about any word, such as "educate!" If you are up for some wordplay, you can try asking Wolfram|Alpha about the word subsets of Wolfram." You are interested in plants? "nightshade, potato, tomato." Languages? "Basque, Finnish."

In a philosophical mood? Try "P or Q and R," or "What is the meaning of life?" or "How many roads must a man walk down?!"


[Note: Contents of frame come from wolframalpha.com and are not maintained by Loci]