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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SIGMAA?

SIGMAA stands for Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America. A SIGMAA is a group of MAA members who share a common interest in a particular aspect of mathematics.

How much does a SIGMAA membership cost?

The cost of a SIGMAA membership is $12/year. Click here for more information on joining a SIGMAA.

What does my SIGMAA membership include?

SIGMAA membership give you access to the various resources of the SIGMAA. This could include electronic discussion groups, knowledge bases, and special events for members including paper sessions at national meetings and organized trips.

How long is my SIGMAA membership good for?

The SIGMAA membership is good for one year and can be renewed when you renew your MAA membership.

How do I add a new SIGMAA or renew my current SIGMAA membership?

You can add a SIGMAA or renew your current SIGMAA by contacting our service center at 800-331-1622.

Why haven't I heard from/received anything from my SIGMAA?

SIGMAAs communicate almost exclusively through their listserv. Some SIGMAAs send out occasional hard-copy mailings, so please make sure your address is up to date with the MAA.

How do I join my SIGMAA listserv?

When you join a SIGMAA you are automatically added to the listserv unless you notify us.

Please Note: Subscription to a listserv may take up to 4 weeks.

You can avoid this wait time and subscribe by following these instructions
New SIGMAA RUME members can join their list by following these instructions

MAA will only use the primary email address attached to your active MAA membership. If another address is added to the listserv, you may be subject to removal or have your email address reset to reflect the information on your profile. If you would like to make changes to your listserv account or update your email address, please contact the MAA Programs Department.

How do I change my subscription options on the listserv?

You may change your subscription options by going to and choosing "Log in" or if you have not done so already, follow the "First log-in?" link to set a listserv password.

How do I view past listserv postings?

All listserv archives are posted here: Please note that you must have a valid password and be logged into the system in order to view the archives.