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Goshen College

Title: Fair Division and Cooperative Game Theory

Director(s): David Housman, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Dates of Program: June 14 - August 16

Summary: This program deals with practical applications of Cooperative Game Theory to real-life scenarios. For example: By collaborating, several cities can save money on upgrading their water treatment facilities. What is a fair way of allocating the savings? Several people have inherited an estate, but they differ in their opinions about the worth of each item in the estate. What is a fair way of allocating the estate? Different sportswriters have different rankings for college football teams. What is a fair way of melding these different opinions into a single ranking ordering? In these situations, do the agents involved have incentives for stating their true costs, valuations, or rankings? In this research, students develop s mathematical model of a situation, define fairness properties, suggest allocation methods, and determine whether suggested allocation methods satisfy the defined fairness properties. Additional details can be found by contacting David Housman.

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Student Researchers:

  • Aeron Huang, Goshen College
  • Jesse Johnson, Goshen College
  • Ulises Martinez, Goshen College
  • Tabitha C. Robbins, Wayne Community College

Program Contacts:

Bill Hawkins

Michael Pearson
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