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April/May 2012 MAA FOCUS



MAA FOCUS is the newsmagazine of the MAA. It contains information about MAA activities, news about mathematics and the mathematical community, and lively articles about interesting new (or sometimes not so new) ideas in mathematics, mathematics education, and related areas. It is published six times a year and is received by all members of the MAA.

Headlines from the April/May 2012 Issue

Archives Spotlight | Introducing the Marion Walter Collection
Reviewing for Mathematical Reviews
New MAA Director of Meetings and Facilities
Xia Represents MAA at White House Science Fair
Call for Suggestions for the Mary P. Dolciani Award
Harvard Wins 72nd Putnam Competition
Puzzle Page | How Few Sudoku Clues Are Enough?

In the Print Version

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A Linear Algebraic Approach to Bracketology
Data Deluge Is Theme of Math Awareness Month
Reviewing for Mathematical Reviews
Designing Spaces for Learning
Expressing Gratitude to Association Supporters
Biography of a Test Problem
MAA MathFest 2012
Letter to the Editor
MAA Section Meetings
Teaching with Tech | The Secret Technology Club
On Books | Choosing and Using Textbooks
26 President's Message | Participate, Investigate, and Educate Yourself: MAA MathFest
MathDL Adds Mathematical Communication Section
MAA Seeks Associate Treasurer
Section Governors Elected
Flying Section Flags
MAA Supports Inquiry-Based Learning Conference
Yearlong Project Focuses on Mathematics of Earth