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This investigation of the genetics of the Sickle Cell trait via a mathematical model uses probability and teaches properties of quadratic functions and the concept of optimization of a function.
The functions that model the process of the elimination of alcohol from the body serve as an introduction to a study of rational functions at an intermediate algebra level.
"Get the Lead Out" extends the study of exponential functions and can be used to introduce the use of logarithms to "un-do" exponential expressions in solving equations.
"So Much Coffee, So Little Time" can be used at the Intermediate Algebra level to help students see the value of "solving systems of linear equations".
Students are asked to write inequalities based on given information and graph the two inequalities.
This activity or homework assignment requires students to use a computer to access data on population, earthquakes, and sound.
Begins with the slope-intercept equation of a line and then introduces the coordinate formula for slope before the introduction of the point-slope equation of a line.
Using real world data, this lesson introduces linear regression using lines of best fit that may calculated by hand by selecting two pints that appear to fall on the line of best fit.
A calculator based introduction to systems of linear equations.