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This graphic presentation illustrates the relationship between the shape of a function and location of its inflection points.

This web page includes an interactive Java applet to visualize finding an open-topped box of maximum volume by cutting square corners from a flat sheet of cardboard and folding the sides up.
MSOffice Math is a free add-on to the MSWord2007 that allows the user to insert editable math notation, to simplify algebraic expressions, to solve equations, to differentiate or integrate functio
This site includes descriptions and examples of the Product Rule, the Reciprocal Rule, and the Quotient Rule.
Wolfram's demo for the chain rule, with a selection of possible "inside" and "outside" functions, and sliders for specifying a value of \(x\) and for adjusting the scales of plots showing graphs o
Essay giving very brief biography of l'Hospital, the history of his and Johann Bernoulli's rule, and a slightly modernized diagram for and version of the proof he and Bernoulli gave.
Timeline of contributors to formulation of the Calculus with biographies: Click on the historical figure's image to see his biography and two links to further online information.

Graphs solution functions \(y(x)\) to the differential equation \(y'=f (x,y)\), with initial value given by \(y(x_0)=y_0\). The student can zoom in and out of the graphs.

The mathlet graphs solution functions \(x(t)\) and \(y(t)\) to the system of differential equations \(x' = f(x,y)\) and \(y' = g(x,y)\), with initial values given by \( x(t_0)=x_0\) and \(y(t_0)=y
An article on how to teach tangent lines, the derivative, and local linearity through experimentation and exploration by students.