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Collection of nine video lectures on double integration, together with supporting notes and problem sets.
Displays regions of integration in the plane for both rectangular and polar coordinates.
Works out solution of a simple flux integral problem, together with commentary
This is a Java applet used to visualize the relation between various derivatives in differentiating a function of two variables along a parametrized curve.
Collection with various multivariable calculus applets including: Contour Diagram Plotter; 3D function Grapher; Parametric Curves and Surface in spherical, cylindrical and rectangular coordinate;
This resource provides a visualization of the velocity and acceleration vectors of a "puck" moving around in the plane.

This is a Mathematica lab worksheet that leads students through an exercise in finding the volume of liquid in a cylindrical tank that is tilted at some angle from the horizontal.

Explains the use of Riemann sums for evaluating double integrals, with accompanying rotatable 3D visualizations of a surface and a Riemann sum approximation.
Maple package for computing line and surface integrals, as well as normal and tangent vectors, etc.

Geogebra tool that draws a parametric curve and shows acceleration vector and velocity vector