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This collection is part of the New Statistics Project at the Free University of Berlin - it is intended to provided a high-quality multimedia enhanced learning enviroment for statistics and pro

This is a brief article on Bayes' theorem.
Videos from Khan Academy. Covers many topics from an introductory class, including independent and dependent events, basic counting, expected value, and the law of large numbers.
An applet that shows how the shape of the exponential distribution changes as its parameter changes.
An expository page about the exponential distribution.
A description of the exponential distribution and its properties. Each property is stated, and a button shows the proof when clicked.
Wikipedia entry for Memorylessness. It defines the concept and discusses a common misconception. Then it discusses the idea in both the discrete and continuous settings.
This is a basic article on the gamma distribution.
This is a basic article on the gamma distribution. The article fits the general format of Wolfram MathWorld articles on distributions: the basic properties are given with some derivations.
This is an interactive applet for the gamma distribution requiring the Wolfram CDF player.