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Three historical "Then and Now" modules, on curve drawing, tangent lines, and optimization problems, each explored using interactive Java applets created with Geometers Sketchpad but

A systematically presented multi-page course on basic trigonometry: trigonometry of triangles, laws of sines and cosines, angles, radian measure, trigonometric functions.

This is a Loci article that includes five GeoGebra applets to illustrate topics in real analysis, or a rigorous course in calculus.

This GeoGebra applet allows interactive and visual exploration of the relationship between continuity and differentiability.
Students investigate the limits of the functions \(x^n \sin(^1/_x)\) as \(x \to 0\) for \( n = 0, 1, 2\) and \(3\).
In applying l'Hospital's rule to the limit of a quotient with indeterminate form 0/0, a student gets to select the numerator and denominator from a list of 6 functions.

In the \(\epsilon\)-\(N\) definition of a finite limit at infinity, the students gets to select \(\epsilon\) and then adjust \(N\) to satisfy the definition.

Students choose one of 9 functions and a limit point. Then they can see the value of the function as \(x\) gets closer to the limit point.
In the epsilon-delta definition of a finite limit, the student gets to select a limit point and epsilon and then adjust left and right deltas to satisfy the definition.
Seven interactive Flash applets that the user may customize for classroom use, with clear instructions included for doing so.