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This video looks at the problem in which a student guesses randomly on two multiple choice questions.
This video discusses the probability of getting an even number each time when rolling a standard fair die 3 times. The rolls are independent.
This is one in a series of lessons in probability on the Math Goodies site. Independence of events is described informally and then the multiplication rule is given.
This is a brief article on independence, and treats independent events, independent random variables, and independent sigma-algebras. The last topic is too advanced for an elementary course.
This site is an interactive text with links to simulations. The description of the game is followed by a series of 34 statements, including proofs and questions (answers are available).
Good statement of the problem with expectation and variance calculated. Several methods of bounding the expectation and variance are given as the number of coupons gets large.
This is one in a series of lessons on probability from the Math Goodies site.
This is a short article on Laplace's rule of succession. The rule is derived in the context of a ball and urn model.
This is the first in a series of Wikipedia articles on probability. This article briefly discusses the history, philosophy, etymology, mathematical theory, and applications of the subject.

This is a brief article on Boole's inequality, which gives an upper bound on the probability of countable collection of events.