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A collection of Maple 10 worksheets about analytically solving second order constant coefficient differential equations.
A short article that walks the reader through the development of a model of a population of coy and fast women and faithful and philandering men.
A JOde applet that illustrates problem 3.2.22 (c) from Zill's DE book on a tsunami. The problem asks students to graph solutions for a model of a tsunami with specific initial conditions.
This webpage displays fully-worked examples finding the first terms of the series solution of a second-order linear homogeneous differential equation with polynomial coefficients.
Two videos which demonstrate the physical solution to a system of differential equations which models the mixing of liquids between tanks
This webpage displays fully-worked examples showing the solution of a first-order linear inhomogeneous differential equation with constant coefficients.
This site contains notes for a variety of elementary differential equations topics.  Headings of major sections include: first order, second order (including series solutions
One-page introduction into Laplace Transforms with text references
A Java applet that allows one to interactively analyze (graphically) second order differential equations.
This webpage displays a graphical solution to a second-order, constant coefficient equation with a constant coefficient cosine forcing function.