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Central State University

Central State University

Title: Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations to Identify Radical Extremists: Applications of Robotics in Human Performance


  • Kimberly Kendricks


Dates of Program: May 21 - June 22, 2012


Given the national threat of suicide bombers, there has been a significant increase in the study of gait analysis for the purpose of identifying and isolating suspicious individuals. This project will investigate tracking algorithms for the purpose of identifying abnormal behaviors in the gait cycle. These algorithms will be determined by solving systems of polynomial equations that will provide a robust model of human mobility and control. Present studies in gait analysis utilize optimization or statistical model-based or motion-based approaches. These results suggest that like a fingerprint, a gait signature is possibly unique to each individual. However, gait analysis has yet to be used independently with confidence as an identifier. Because gait is susceptible to a variety of factors: terrain, shoes, fatigue, age, additional weight through briefcases, purses, and grocery bags, etc., it is combined with other identifiers to confirm identification. This project seeks to develop new tracking algorithms that will model human behavior in the gait cycle to improve current gait identifiers. Since robotic movement is similar to human movement, these algorithms will be developed and verified through Motoman robots housed at Central State University (CSU), a Historically Black University serving 2400 students in Wilberforce, OH. As an application in the field, the student researchers will extend these algorithms to gait data of human subjects of various height, weight, race and gender.

Student Researchers Supported by MAA:

  • Chinae Edmonds
  • Kristen Edwards
  • Denetria Porties
  • Melody Wilson

Program Contacts:

Bill Hawkins