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The Icosahedron Society

The Icosahedron Society recognizes entities or individuals who have shown extraordinary generosity to the MAA, providing essential support to uphold the Association's mission. Their support ensures that the Association is able to advance the mathematical sciences at the highest level.

The members of the Icosahedron Society are:

Year 2012:
Michael and Ellen Pearson

Year 2011:
Barbara and Doug Faires
Laurence Penn and Jill Oberlander

Year 2010:
Roger and Susan Horn
Tom and Jane Apostol

Year 2008:
Gerald Alexanderson
Gerald J. and Judith R. Porter

Year 2007:
Harry Lucas, Jr.
Richard Good

Year 2006:
Robert P. Balles
Tensor Foundation
Richard D. Anderson

Year 2003:
Paul and Virginia Halmos
Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation

Year 2002:
James W. Daniel and
Ann Trump Daniel

Year 2001:
Akamai Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Andrew Sterrett, Jr. and Kaarina Sterrett

Year 2000:
Henry L. Alder
Edith Ross and Edward Brinn
Deborah Tepper Haimo
Mary Alice and Marvin Schaefer