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  • 12-28-1882

    Arthur Eddington born in Kendal, England. The astronomer and physicist wrote Mathematical Theory of Relativity, a book highly praised by Einstein, in 1923.

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    Arthur Eddington
    Albert Einstein
  • 12-28-1903

    John von Neumann born in Budapest, Hungary. He studied chemical engineering at university, but was one of the foremost mathematicians of the 20th century, making contributions in virtually every area of mathematics as well as in quantum mechanics and computer science.

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    John von Neumann
  • 12-28-1923

    George David Birkhoff of Harvard received the first Bocher Memorial Prize for his paper "Dynamical systems with two degrees of freedom."

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    George David Birkhoff
  • 12-28-1938

    Kurt Godel lectured on the consistency of the axiom of choice and the generalized continuum hypothesis at the annual AMS meeting, Williamsburg. Independence was proved in 1963 by Paul Cohen.

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    Kurt Godel
    Paul Cohen