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  • 1-29-1697

    Newton received two challenge problems from Johann Bernoulli, one of which was the Brachistochrone Problem published in Acta eruditorum the previous June and addressed "to the shrewdest mathematicians in the world." The next day Newton posted his solution to the Royal Society. When Bernoulli saw the anonymous solution, he recognized it as "ex ungue leonem" (as the lion is recognized by his paw).

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    Isaac Newton
    Johann Bernoulli
    The Brachistochrone Problem
  • 1-29-1810

    Eduard Kummer born in Sorau, Prussia. Best known for inventing ideals of rings, he was a professor at University of Berlin with Kronecker and Weierstrass for nearly 30 years.

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    Ernst Eduard Kummer
    Leopold Kronecker
    Karl Weierstrass
  • 1-29-1817

    William Ferrel, a self-taught American scientist who studied winds, tides, and currents, born in southern Pennsylvania.

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    William Ferrel