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  • 12-10-1269

    The Flemish Dominican priest Willem van Moerbeke completed the first translation of the works of Archimedes into Latin.

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    Willem van Moerbeke
  • 12-10-1478

    The Treviso Arithmetic, the first printed mathematics text, published in Treviso, Italy, as Arte dell'Abbaco by an unknown author.

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    The Treviso Arithmetic
  • 12-10-1804

    Carl Jacobi born in Potsdam, Germany (then Prussia). He is best known for his work on elliptic functions and differential equations.

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    Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi
  • 12-10-1815

    Computer pioneer Augusta Ada Byron born in London, England. Later Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, she worked with Charles Babbage on his analytical engine.

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    Augusta Ada Byron
    Charles Babbage