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  • 8-3-1492

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue, setting out from Palos de la Frontera, Spain, on this day.

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    Christopher Columbus
  • 8-3-1747

    Diderot and d'Alembert became directors of Encyclopedie project. They replaced de Gua, who had earlier done much to systematize analytic geometry, as director of the publishing project which was to become the celebrated Encyclopedie.

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    Denis Diderot
    Jean Le Rond D'Alembert
  • 8-3-1750

    First teaching methods book to be published in U.S. completed. Written by Christopher Dock, it was originally in German and was printed twenty years later in Germantown, Pennsylvania. The preface was dated March 27, 1770. The full title was: "Schul-ordnung; or A Simple and Thoroughly Prepared School-Management clearly setting forth not only in what manner children may best be taught the branches usually given at school, but also how they may be well instructed in the knowledge of godliness."

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    Christopher Dock