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  • 6-27-1831

    Sophie Germain died in Paris. She is famous for her work on number theory and on elastic surfaces.

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    Sophie Germain
  • 6-27-1906

    Logician Philip Jourdain sent Bertrand Russell a copy of his newly published anonymous "Topsy-turvey fairy tales by somebody-or-other, with three illustrations by somebody-else." The last tale contains a version of the Russell antinomy.

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    Philip Jourdain
    Bertrand Russell
  • 6-27-1908

    Award for proof of Fermat's Last Theorem announced. The Academy of Sciences of Gottingen announced a prize of one hundred thousand marks, according to the will of Dr. Paul Wolfskehl, of Darmstadt, for the proof of Fermat's great theorem.

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    Paul Wolfskehl
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