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  • 1-22-1874

    Leonard Eugene Dickson born in Independence, Iowa. A prolific researcher, he also completed three of four anticipated volumes on the history of number theory.

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    Leonard Eugene Dickson
  • 1-22-1889

    Oskar Bolza gave his first lecture to a non-German audience. At Johns Hopkins he gave twenty lectures "on the theory of substitution groups and its application to algebraic equations." This was the first course on Galois theory in this country. It was published in 1891 in the American Journal of Mathematics.

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    Oskar Bolza
    Galois Theory
  • 1-22-1922

    Camille Jordan died in Paris, France. His many accomplishments include the Jordan curve theorem, the Jordan canonical form, and founding the theory of finite groups.

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    Camille Jordan
  • 1-22-1984

    Apple introduced the Macintosh computer during a 60-second commercial aired during the Super Bowl. (The Super Bowl is the American football championship game and its television broadcast commands the highest fees for commercial slots.)

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    Apple History