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Evolution of a Computer Application - Resources

John J. Wavrik
  1. The Forth implementation used in this work is Win32Forth, written by Tom Zimmer and Andrew McKewan. It is in the public domain. A complete version of Win32Forth and supplementary materials can be found on the Forth Interest Group Web site.
  2. A variety of non-commercial Forth implementations and other Forth resources can be found on the same site. There are also links at this site to the web pages of vendors of commercial Forth systems.
  3. More Forth resources are listed on my Web site.
  4. You can download a ZIP file containing executables (binaries) for the two versions of the groups system discussed in this article. In most cases the ZIP file can be downloaded just by clicking here.
  5. In some cases it might be necessary to obtain the ZIP file using anonymous FTP. Here is the procedure:
    1. Connect to ftp
    2. Use "anonymous" as the username
    3. Use your email address as password
    4. cd pub/jwavrik
    5. type "binary" to ensure a binary transfer
    6. type "get"

The following papers give background information on the approach to system development used in this paper, as well as source code for some of the features.

  1. J. J. Wavrik,  "User-defined systems for pure mathematics," Proc. FORML Conference, (1989),  97-103. view/download (pdf)
  2. J. J. Wavrik, "Handling multiple data types in Forth," Journal of Forth Application and Research, v. 6, no. 1 (1990), 65-76. view/download (pdf)
  3. J. J. Wavrik,  "An Extensible User Interface", Forth Dimensions XIX, no. 6 (1998), 19-27. view/download (pdf)

John J. Wavrik, "Evolution of a Computer Application - Resources," Convergence (December 2004)


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