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Sitaramesh Emani

Sitaramesh Emani

BA Mathematics / BS Biomedical Engineering,
Duke University

M.D. in progress,
The Ohio State University

My degree in mathematics has served as a strong background in several ways as I have progressed into my career in medicine. On a practical level, I utilize my mathematical education to aid in statistical and numerical analysis of data I have collected during my research. Having undergone a rigorous curriculum in math, my understanding of the data tends to be deeper and more complete than it would have been with basic statistics training alone.

On a more theoretical level, math has provided me an excellent mindset with which I approach complex and involved problems in clinical settings.Math cultivates logic and systematic thinking, which have proven to be major assets in the medical field. Often, patients present with multiple problems that form a dense picture.In these situations I am able to approach the job in a methodical fashion that accounts for all the variables both individually and as a whole, much like one would approach a complex algebraic problem. As I went through medical school, I found that I was able to adjust to these types of intricate scenarios with relative ease because of the practice I had during my math courses.

As I move forward, I plan to complete my medical training in the field of cardiology.A sound understanding of physiology is crucial in cardiology, and mathematical logic is the foundation of that understanding.I want to shape my career around cardiac research in which I can apply mathematical principles to gain an even stronger understanding of the underlying.Additionally, I want to help design instruments and methods that will define future treatments of cardiac diseases – something that I know will require me to draw upon my math education.