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How to Redeem Your MAA Member Discount on Books

Please complete the following required process to receive the MAA member discount on MAA books purchased from the AMS Bookstore. This process is only for MAA members who are not also AMS members.

This initial setup only has to be completed once. After completion of the initial setup, click “Shop MAA Books.” This will take you directly to the AMS Bookstore and your discount will be enabled automatically for all future visits. In order to receive the MAA member discount, you must log in from your Member Profile or MAA Press page.

Note: The discount will not automatically be displayed in the shopping cart, it will be visible at checkout before confirming your purchase.

One Time Initial Setup

  1. Create an AMS account. Go to and click on Create New Account. Then follow the instructions for creating a new account.
  2. Then go to the MAA website and log in to your account. Click “Shop MAA Books” in the left-column menu and this will redirect you to the AMS Website Login.
  3. Log into your AMS account, this will redirect you to the AMS Bookstore. Your initial setup is now completed. From now on when you login to your MAA profile, you can easily purchase books by clicking the “Shop MAA Books” link.

If you need assistance or would prefer to order by phone, call 800-321-4267 (U.S. or Canada) or 401-455-4000 (Worldwide), or email us at


Shop MAA Books


MAA Press books are now published as an imprint of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) Book Program. All MAA Press titles are available through the AMS Bookstore.

MAA members will continue to save 25% on MAA Press titles as a member benefit, as well as receive 10% discount on other books in the AMS Book Program.

MAA Notes volumes are available online to members through the Member Library, accessible through your member profile page. For print copies, visit

For questions about your MAA member benefits or logging in to access your discounts, contact MAA customer service at or 800-331-1622. For all other questions regarding books, contact AMS at or 800-321-4267.