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Mystery surrounding an 1828 copy of Lacroix's textbook, signed by De Morgan—and intended for Sylvester??

A history of paper folding in mathematics education, emphasizing the role of Sundara Rao’s 1893 Geometrical Exercises in Paper Folding.

Reprints from the "Historically Speaking" column of Mathematics Teacher.

A series of columns, first published in the CSHPM Bulletin, that considers why oft-repeated quotations about mathematics were originally published and places them in their original context.

Historiography and methodology for students and instructors interested in pursuing scholarship in the history of mathematics.

Gerbert d’Aurillac on finding the area of an equilateral triangle, with exploration activities for students.

Razones para usar imágenes de libros y objetos históricos para motivar a los estudiantes dentro y fuera del aula de clases.

This article presents photographs of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that instructors can use when teaching numeration systems.

Resources for sharing Kepler's fascinating studies of the rhombic dodecahedron with students.

The rod numerals of ancient China are promoted as an alternative for teaching preservice teachers about numeration systems.