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Biography of Sir Charles Scarburgh (ca 1615–1694) and discussion of his contributions to the history of mathematics.

English translation of Mark Kac's first publication on a new derivation of Cardano’s formula, written while still in high school.

Mathematical mysteries of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and related classroom activities, based on archeological findings from a recent field trip.

Discussion of a new tool for searching the contents of the British publication, Educational Times, with suggested uses for educators and researchers.

Provides an English translation of a paper written in 1726 by a 12-year-old Alexis Clairaut.

A student-ready activity, ideal for pre-service elementary mathematics teachers.

A recounting of the 18th century discovery of voting theory, and a student project based on the tale.

Index of articles on history of mathematics that have won awards from the MAA.

A collection of reproducible student activity sheets that use historical settings to teach or reinforce basic mathematical lessons.

A series of curricular units based on primary source texts for use in teaching and learning trigonometry.