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Gerbert d’Aurillac on finding the area of an equilateral triangle, with exploration activities for students.

Razones para usar imágenes de libros y objetos históricos para motivar a los estudiantes dentro y fuera del aula de clases.

This article presents photographs of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that instructors can use when teaching numeration systems.

Resources for sharing Kepler's fascinating studies of the rhombic dodecahedron with students.

The rod numerals of ancient China are promoted as an alternative for teaching preservice teachers about numeration systems.

The author shares some of the research surprises he encountered while writing Republic of Numbers (JHU Press, 2019).

An introduction to Ernest Gotlieb Ziegenbalg, a little-known translator of a Danish edition of Euclid’s Elements, and his book.

Activities for visualizing al-Khwārizmī's algebraic solution methods using algebra tile manipulatives.

Highlights from Ada Lovelace's correspondence course on calculus with Augustus DeMorgan that shed light on common confusions that still arise today.

Misterios matemáticos de Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua) y actividades escolares basadas en estudios arqueológicos de un viaje reciente.