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Project Summary

StatPREP will foster the widespread use of data-centered methods and pedagogies in introductory statistics courses. This will in turn enhance the preparation of students to meet the demands of a data-driven workplace and to use the newly available resources in our data-centric world. StatPREP will work directly with college-level instructors, both online and in community-based workshops, to develop the understanding and skills needed to work and teach with modern data.

StatPREP will initiate community transformation focused on modernizing undergraduate statistics education. This project will offer an extended professional development program for mathematics faculty, particularly at two-year institutions, who teach introductory statistics, it will establish regional communities of practice to support these instructors, and it will provide them a national online support network with statistics education experts. This project also contributes to the goal to “improve STEM learning and learning environments by investigating the effectiveness of this professional development model as a catalyst for community transformation. The combined resources and reach of the MAA, ASA, and AMATYC will ensure the sustainability of StatPREP and the availability of this program to the largest possible audience.

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2022 Summer Workshop - Florida SouthWestern State College, Fort Myers, FL

After what feels like a very long time, StatPREP is pleased to announce our return to an in-person workshop. We will be holding an in-person workshop in Fort Myers, Florida, located in the southwest region of Florida, on May 20-21, 2022.

Statistics courses should be data centric! This workshop will expose participants to free online tools from StatPREP that can help your students learn fundamental concepts in introductory statistics. Hands-on computer activities will guide participants in use of some of the Little Apps activities. Participants will also get the opportunity to explore tutorials to introduce RStudio then actually get started using RStudio on their own. In a world where we may be teaching both online and in-person, this workshop provides ways to satisfy all modalities of education using free technology.

Workshops are open to anyone teaching post-secondary introductory statistics during the 2022-2023 academic year. The workshop is free, and all materials and meals during the workshop are provided. There is an up-to $100 stipend available to help cover travel expenses for workshop participants. 

COVID Protocols at the Workshop

The MAA and StatPREP leadership team are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all workshop attendees. All mandates outlined by Florida SouthWestern State College at the time of the workshop will be in effect and enforced during the conference. As these mandates are ever-changing, the MAA is closely monitoring them and will update registrants of requirement changes prior to the conference.

Application Requirements

The applicant should be teaching post-secondary introductory statistics during the 2022-2023 academic year. The application consists of a form where the applicant will need to enter contact information and to describe their reasons and expectations for attending a StatPREP workshop. Additionally, we require a letter of support from your department head or dean (or a person in a similar position) for your participation in StatPREP as well as their interest in having you use and adapt StatPREP lessons, as you deem appropriate, at your institution. 

How Do I Apply?

To apply for this workshop, you must submit an application through Amplifund, our online application portal. You will need to create a free account within the Amplifund system. If accepted, this account will be used to administer your stipend, so please be sure to enter all of your contact information correctly. The application portal will close on February 28, 2022 at 11:59pm ET. 

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How to Create an Amplifund Account

On the "Application Details" page, click "Apply". On the next screen, click "Register". Enter the information as requested, and read and accept the terms and conditions. You may now complete your application.

Getting Started with Amplifund

Get started with Amplifund by watching this video. You will learn about setting up an account, completing an application, and submitting an application.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need to create a free Amplifund account in order to apply.

The exception to this would be if your institution already has an Amplifund account. Amplifund is the grants management system for many organizations, not just MAA, so it is possible that your institution’s grants office, or sponsored programs office, has an account for your institution already. If that is the case, please contact that office directly.

On the Opportunity Details page, you will see a button that says “Apply” in the upper right of the screen. Click on “Apply” and then click “Register” on the next screen. You will be asked to enter some information about yourself and your organization (note: for academic institutions please select “Other” as organization type), and then you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Once this is complete, you may begin your application.

When setting up your Amplifund account you will be asked for your organization name and type. For organization type, most academic institutions should select "Other".

No, each institution/college/university should only create one account that everyone should use to apply. We suggest that you contact your grants or sponsored programs office directly to coordinate this.

Simply enter "StatPREP Workshop 2022" in that field.

Yes! At any point while you’re filling out the application form you can download the application in its entirety. Additionally, before submitting, on the final screen there will be a button that says “Review” with a download arrow. Click on this button to download your completed application before submitting.

Amplifund has a built-in safety feature to prevent applicants from missing sections. Each page/section of the application needs to be “Marked as Complete” in order for the system to register that it is in fact complete. There is a button at the bottom of each page/section called “Mark as Complete”. Make sure you have clicked this on each page (when clicked, the button becomes “Mark as In Progress”).

You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you used to create your Amplifund account.

Project Leadership Team

  • Deirdre Longacher Smeltzer, Mathematical Association of America
  • Donna LaLonde, American Statistical Association
  • Michael Brilleslyper,Florida Polytechnic University
  • Jenna Carpenter, Campbell University
  • Daniel Kaplan, Macalester College
  • Kathryn Kozak, Coconino Community College
  • Ambika Silva, College of the Canyons

Support for this Program

StatPREP is a partnership program of the MAA, AMATYC, and ASA. Support for StatPREP is provided by the National Science Foundation, Award DUE-1626337.



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