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About the Project

The Mathematical Education of Teachers as an Application of College Mathematics is a project that intends on “increasing the number and diversity of STEM students, preparing students well to participate in science for tomorrow, and improving students’ STEM learning outcomes”, which stems from the mission of the National Science Foundation's "Improving Undergraduate STEM Education" program. The META Math project creates, pilots, and field-tests materials for use in undergraduate mathematics courses taken by pre-service teachers as vital examples of college mathematics applications.

META Math adds to the research knowledge base by assessing student understanding of school mathematics from an advanced perspective.The project enhances student understanding of the vertical connections from school mathematics through advanced undergraduate mathematics among all mathematics undergraduates. All undergraduates, not just future teachers, will benefit from the deep mathematical understanding fostered by instructors using META Math modules.

Project Goal

The goal of the META Math project is to increase faculty capacity to guide undergraduate pre-service teachers in:

  • Making explicit connections between undergraduate mathematics and the school mathematics they will teach

  • Developing deep, sophisticated understanding of mathematics taught in grades 7-12.

Project Objectives

  1. Develop quality instructional modules that make explicit connections between college mathematics and school mathematics;

  2. Pilot test these materials and pilot a year-long faculty development program to train faculty on the use of these modules;

  3. Research student learning that results from the use of these modules and evaluate the effectiveness of the faculty development program that prepares faculty to use these modules.


Leadership Team

  • Doug Ensley, Mathematical Association of America

  • Beth Burroughs, Montana State University

  • James Alvarez, University of Texas - Arlington

  • Nancy Neudauer, Pacific University

  • James Tanton, MAA Mathematician-at-Large

Support for this MAA program is provided by the National Science Foundation (grant DUE-1726624).