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Links for Students

Links for Students
This directory is intended to catalog resources on the Web of possible use to mathematically motivated students, their parents and teachers.

The directory is maintained by Kiran Kedlaya (kedlaya[at]math[dot]mit[dot]edu). Please contact me directly with comments about broken links or suggested new links.


Math circles

A "math circle" is a group of students and adults who get together periodically to explore mathematics in an informal, extracurricular setting. The phenomenon seems to have begun in the Soviet Union (as described in the book Mathematical Circles, by Fomin, Genkin, and Itenberg), but has since been brought to America by a wave of expatriate Russian mathematicians.

A similar function is often served by the practice meetings of teams for the ARML competition. However, math circles usually involve deeper exploration and less emphasis on competitions.

Math circles, as well as other programs that do not strictly follow the "circle" protocol but operate in a similar spirit, are actually pretty widespread; if you live in an at all populated area of the US (especially near a major university), there probably is one near you. (More links to such programs would be most appreciated!)

For middle school students

This section is out of my expertise, so I could use suggestions for useful links.

Regional contests

Many of these links were harvested from this site.

National contests

Beware that "national" sometimes means US, sometimes Canada, sometimes both. For international contests, see the AMC Problem Directory and/or the IOI Secretariat.

Science fairs

These are competitions in which students submit research projects that they have been working on for some time beforehand. Usually these projects are done either in collaboration with, or at least at the suggestion of, a mentor; the RSI program specializes in connecting students with mentors and projects, but you may be able to find one on your own simply by getting in touch with, say, someone at your local university.

Summer (and other times) programs

A number of these programs are supported by the American Mathematical Society Epsilon Fund, which is actively seeking contributions to build an endowment. The AMS also maintains a directory of summer math programs more comprehensive than this one.

Journals, newsletters, and other correspondence

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