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Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings are similar to panel discussions, but with a ‘flipped’ model. That is, the goal of a town hall is to gather suggestions and feedback from the audience rather than from the panelists.

Mathematical Mamas – Being Both Beautifully

Thursday, August 2, 3:00 p.m. – 4:20 p.m.


Women have always been part of mathematics and science. However, they sometimes had to hide who they were to be able to participate. Even after that taboo was loosened, many women who decided to enter STEM fields decided not to have children in pursuit of their careers, or delayed child-rearing until after tenure. As both genders become more public and more open about our family lives intersecting our academic lives, it becomes more normal to see children accompanying a parent to conferences, to convocation, to academic events. This session celebrates the people doing these overlapping jobs. This forum is organized by mathematical mamas for the discussion of challenges and victories held by mathematical mamas. In particular, we want to celebrate victories and propose solutions to challenges that arise from bridging the world of parenthood and the world of academia. The organizers will introduce the topic and moderate the group discussion of this town hall.

Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, Lamar University
Emille Davie Lawrence, University of San Francisco
Erin Militzer, Ferris State University

Quantitative Literacy Swap Session

Saturday, August 4, 1:30 p.m. – 2:50 p.m.


In this swap session, participants will have the opportunity to share or borrow course materials related to quantitative literacy. We interpret course materials to include data sets, technology, individual lessons, case studies, entire courses, etc. At the beginning of the session, participants will sign up to give a brief (5 minutes or less) presentation of their resource. Come to share, come to receive, or come for both!

Victor Piercey, Ferris State University
Catherine Crockett, Point Loma Nazarene University
Andrew Miller, Belmont University
Gizem Karaali, Pomona College
Luke Tunstall, Michigan State University

Sponsor: The SIGMAA on Quantitative Literacy (SIGMAA QL)

Shaping and Fostering an Equitable Community in our Departments

Saturday, August 4, 3:00 p.m. – 4:20 p.m.


The goal of this session is to compile a list of best practices for creating and sustaining an equitable department community. Small groups of participants, each led by a moderator, will brainstorm creative solutions to address a variety of questions and concerns regarding department habits and in all types of departments. The outcomes of the Town Hall will be published in the AWM Newsletter, MAA Focus, and the Notices.

Alejandra Alvarado, Eastern Illinois University
Candice Price, University of San Diego
Alissa Crans, Loyola Marymount University
Jackie Jensen-Vallin, Lamar University