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Poster Sessions

Please note: all sessions are listed in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT = UTC-6:00)

An MAA poster session allows for many people with interest in a specific topic to share their work. Posters will be available for viewing throughout MAA MathFest with live presentations at designated times.

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Thursday, August 5, 11:00 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.


The MAA Outreach Poster Session will provide the opportunity for program directors to share the amazing work they have done with students from elementary school through higher education. We welcome posters from all kinds of projects: math teacher circles, math summer camps, mentoring programs, research experiences and more! This session serves as a way to not only highlight the great work of community members working on outreach projects but to also offer ideas to others who struggle with engaging their students. Have an idea for a math program? Come learn from experienced outreach program directors! Also learn about funding opportunities through MAA grants programs.

Rachelle DeCoste, Tensor Women and Mathematics
Candice Price, Tensor SUMMA
Nancy Neudauer, Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant


Breathing Life (Sciences) Into Mathematics Courses

Jillian Miller, Roane State Community College
Alys Hugo, Everett Community College

When Black Lives Matter Enters the Mathematics Class: What Would You Do?

Nicholas Heyer, San Diego State University
Kaia Ralston, San Diego State University
Antonio Martinez, San Diego State University
Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State University

COMP: Graduate Students Building and Promoting Community and Inclusivity during a Pandemic

John Peca-Medlin, UC Irvine
Kelly Isham, UC Irvine
Jesse Kreger, UC Irvine

STEM Model-Eliciting Activities with Baltimore County Public School Students

Jean Ciscell, Towson University
Wendy Gibson, Towson University / Baltimore County Public Schools
Diana Cheng, Towson University
Kimberly Corum, Towson University
Michael Krach, Towson University
Rachel Mulvaney, Baltimore County Public Schools

Mathematics Outreach with (Instant) Insanity!

Holly Attenborough, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Chris Frayer, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Establishing the Mathematicians of Color Alliance at Texas

Richard Wong, University of Texas at Austin
Jonathan Johnson, University of Texas at Austin
Casandra Monroe, University of Texas at Austin
Luis Torres, University of Texas at Austin
Hannah Turner, University of Texas at Austin
Nicolas Reyes, University of Texas at Austin

Math Tutoring Buddies Program

Sayonita Ghosh Hajra, Sacramento State
Abigail Higgins, Sacramento State

A Virtual Sonia Kovalevsky Day

Jessie Hamm, Winthrop University

Encouraging Undergraduate Research in Mathematical Modelling in Epidemiology

Lillian Demarais, Indian River State College
Duane Chin-Quee, Indian River State College

Girls Talk Math - Engaging Girls through Math Media

Francesca Bernardi, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Katrina Morgan, Northwestern University
Samantha Moore, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Marissa C. Ashner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dixie Tensor Scholar Program (DTSP) - Maryam Day

Bhuvaneswari Sambandham, Dixie State University
Jie Liu, Dixie State University
Clare Banks, Dixie State University
Vinodh Chellamuthu, Dixie State University

MAGPIES: Math & Girls + Inspiration = Success

Lauren Rose, Bard College
Amanda Landi, Bard College at Simons Rock
Jazmin Zamora Flores, Bard College
Shea Roccaforte, Bard College
Philip Barnet, Bard College
Julia Crager, Bard College

Math in the Field: An Affordable and Scalable Cross-Disciplinary Undergraduate Research Project

Emily Hendryx, University of Central Oklahoma
Matthew Parks, University of Central Oklahoma
Andrew Taylor, University of Central Oklahoma

Hop-Skip-Slide: Number Line Fun!

Nina Cliff, Towson University
Skylar Benson, Towson University
Ruth White, Towson University


PosterFest 2021: Scholarship by Early Career Mathematicians

Friday, August 6, 1:00 p.m. - 1:50 p.m.


This poster session and networking event provides an informal opportunity for early career mathematicians to present and discuss their scholarly activities (such as: expository work, preliminary reports, scholarship of teaching and learning, and research reports). Nontenured faculty and graduate students are encouraged to apply. Undergraduate submissions will not be accepted. Questions regarding this session should be sent to the organizers.

Holly Attenborough, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Lisa Driskell, Colorado Mesa University

Sponsor: The MAA Committee on Early Career Mathematicians (ECM)


Penguin Trail Networks: Applications of Graph Theory & Agent-Based Modeling

Emma Talis, Stony Brook University
Heather Lynch, Stony Brook Unviersity

Systematic Literature Review on Interventions for Math Anxiety at the Community College

Kristen Harvey, Washington State University

Creating a Data Science Program: Lessons Learned

Ariana Dundon, University of Washington | Bothell

Penalized Regressions with Different Tuning Parameter Choosing Criteria and the Application in Economics

Mingwei Sun, Samford University
Sheng Gao, Samford University

On Transient Analysis of Delta_n Markov Chains

Stephanie Reed, California State University, Fullerton
Elia Ziade, Palomar College

Recovering a Time-dependent Source Function in a Parabolic Equation

Sedar Ngoma, SUNY Geneseo

LEGO Duplo Activities for Calculus III

Kristen Schemmerhorn, Concorida University Chicago

Noether's Degree Bound Over the Exterior Algebra

Francesca Gandini, Kalamazoo College