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Rejecta Mathematica Offers a Second Chance for Some Mathematics

July 29, 2009

Rejected math papers have found a second life. The new Rejecta Mathematica ( is an open-access journal that will only publish mathematics turned away by peer-reviewed journals. In fact, the recently published 100-page first issue contains the following papers:

  • “Subspaces that Minimize the Condition Number of a Matrix,” by Siddharth Joshi and Stephen Boyd
  • “Automatic CounTilings,” by Doron Zeilberger
  • “Alexander Duality for Monomial Ideals and their Resolutions,” by Ezra Miller
  • “Meaning-Imposers versus Meaning-Derivers,” by Gary Harper
  • “WInHD: Wavelet-based Inverse Halftoning via Deconvolution,” by Ramesh Neelamani, Robert Nowak, and Richard Baraniuk
  • “Mass Matrix Transforms in Qubit Field Theory,” by Marni Sheppeard

The journal is the creation of Mark Davenport and three other current and former graduate students from Rice University. Rejecta Mathematica has standards by which it hopes to reveal futile efforts and directions; to show that well-known known results may yet lead to insights; that technical flaws may, nonetheless, have nuggets of information; and that controversial premises may be applicable in some settings.

Rejecta Mathematica will also offer authors a platform from which they can speak out in defense of their papers, which may not have a natural "home" elsewhere.

Source: Rejecta Mathematica

Start Date: 
Wednesday, July 29, 2009