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MAA Math Alert - May 2010

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USAMO Results Announced:The 12 winners of the 39th annual USA Mathematical Olympiad, sponsored by the MAA's American Mathematics Competitions program, were announced on May 10, 2010. The list of USAMO winners with their school and hometown, the list of Honorable Mention winners, the list of winners of the USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad, along with the problems and solutions for each competition can be found at American Mathematics Competitions.

James Stewart Presents Carriage House Lecture: On April 27, mathematics, music, and psychology intersected when noted author James Stewart presented a lecture on "Mathematics and Music" at the MAA Carriage House. An article,a short video, andthe full lecture in audiocan be accessed by clicking Stewart Lecture.

MAA Merits a Mention inNew York Times Column: In a recent New York Times article, author Steven Strogatz praised the MAA's new book Visual Group Theory by Nathan C. Carter. Visit "Group Think" to access the article.

House Fails to Pass America COMPETES Bill: On Tuesday, May 19, the House failed to pass the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act with a vote 261-148.Read the complete story here.

Register for MathFest 2010 : MathFest 2010 will take place in Pittsburgh, PA, from August 5-7 with a great lineup of sessions planned.To learn more and to register for the meeting, be sure to visit MathFest 2010.

MathFest Student Paper Deadline: Undergraduate and graduate student abstract submission deadline is June 12.

Featured Articles

The Problem with Word Problems: This month's installment of Devlin's Angle discusses the bane of manyyoung students' mathematical aspirations:the word problem.Read the fullcolumn at Devlin's Angle

Mathematical Idol 2010: Colm Mulcahy imparts a mathematical spin to the American Idol craze. Read more at Card Colm.

Poetry in the Mathematics Classroom: "The Enigmatic Number e: A History in Verse and Its Uses in the Classroom" by Sarah Glaz, new in Loci: Convergence. Read the article.

Online Interactive Textbook: The MAA's online interactive textbook, Calculus: Modeling and Application, 2nd. Edition
will be ready for distribution in time for the Fall 2010 semester. The text covers two semesters of single-variable calculus. The text material is freely available online until Fall 2010.

Meeting the Challenge of High School Calculus: MAA President David Bressoud reflects on Jaime Escalante and the challenges of teaching calculus. Read more.

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May, 2010