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Potential Theory in Matsue

Toshitake Kohno, Hiroaki Aikawa, Takashi Kumagai, Yoshihiro Mizuta, and Noriaki Suziki, editors
American Mathematical Society/Mathematical Society of Japan
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Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 44
We do not plan to review this book.

  • Z. Blocki -- The Bergman kernel and pluripotential theory
  • K. Burdzy -- Neumann eigenfunctions and Brownian couplings
  • T. Carroll -- Brownian motion and harmonic measure in conic sections
  • S. J. Gardiner -- Radial limits of harmonic functions
  • Y. Guivarc'h -- Renewal theorems, products oif random matrices, and toral endomorphisms
  • J. Ortega-Cerdà -- Densities and harmonic measure
  • N. Shanmugalingam -- Sobolev type spaces on metric measure spaces
  • J.-M. Wu -- Quasisymmetric extension, smoothing and applications
  • J. Björn -- Wiener criterion for Cheeger $p$-harmonic functions on metric spaces
  • F. Di Biase -- On the sharpness of certain approach regions
  • T. Futamura and Y. Mizuta -- Continuity of weakly monotone Sobolev functions of variable exponent
  • K. Hirata -- Martin kernels of general domains
  • K. Ishizaki and N. Yanagihara -- Singular directions of meromorphic solutions of some non-autonomous Schröder equations
  • K. Janssen -- Integral representation for space-time excessive functions
  • T. Kurokawa -- A decomposition of the Schwartz class by a derivative space and its complementary space
  • K. Kuwae and M. Takahashi -- Kato class functions of Markov processes under ultracontractivity
  • E. G. Kwon -- A subharmonic Hardy class and Bloch pullback operator norms
  • H. Masaoka -- Quasiconformal mappings and minimal Martin boundary of $p$-sheeted unlimited covering surfaces of the once punctered Riemann sphere $\hat{\mathbb{C}}\setminus\{0\}$ of Heins type
  • H. Masaoka and S. Segawa -- Hyperbolic Riemann surfaces without unbounded positive harmonic functions
  • I. Miyamoto and H. Yosida -- On a covering property of rarefied sets at infinity in a cone
  • Y. Miyazaki -- The $L^p$ resolvents for elliptic systems of divergence form
  • Y. Mizuta and T. Shimomura -- Maximal functions, Riesz potentials and Sobolev's inequality in generalized Lebesgue spaces
  • M. Murata -- Representations of nonnegative solutions for parabolic equations
  • M. Nakai -- Types of pasting arcs in two sheeted spheres
  • M. Nishio, K. Shimomura, and N. Suzuki -- $L^p$-boundedness of Bergman projections for $\alpha$-parabolic operators
  • Y. Okuyama -- Vanishing theorem on the pointwise defect of a rational iteration sequence for moving targets
  • T. Ono -- Hölder continuity of solutions to quasilinear elliptic equations with measure data
  • Y. Pinchover -- On Davies' conjecture and strong ratio limit properties for the heat kernel
  • Premaltha and A. K. Kalyani -- Some potential theoretic results of an infinite network
  • M. Stoll -- The Littlewood-Paley inequalities for Hardy-Orlicz spaces of harmonic functions on domains in $\mathbb{R}^n$
  • H. Watanabe -- Estimates of maximal functions by Hausdorff contents in a metric space
  • M. Yamada -- Harmonic conjugates of parabolic Bergman functions
  • M. Yanagishita -- On the behavior at infinity for non-negative superharmonic functions in a cone