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JOMA: A Magnificent Addition to Our Journal Family

Don Albers

JOMA is one of the most exciting developments in the history of scholarly publishing. Founding JOMA Editor David Smith brings a wealth of experience to this venture, and he has assembled an outstanding editorial board. A rare confluence of talented people, ideas, and technological advances has resulted in JOMA, and the next few years promise to be filled with JOMA contributions.

Don Albers is MAA's Director of Publications & Electronic Services.

The farsightedness of online pioneers Gene Klotz, Lang Moore, Jerry Porter, and David Smith is being realized with the publication of JOMA, a pathbreaking journal. JOMA serves a large and growing need in the mathematical community for easy access to high quality online mathematics and learning materials as well as discussions of the process of creating sound online learning materials. JOMA is particularly timely in terms of the increasing role of technology in education.

JOMA is a key component of the MAA's extension into the new high technology millennium. It is a wonderful continuation of the MAA's mission to advance the mathematical sciences in our colleges and universities. JOMA recognizes the power of the Internet, and how it can be used to help students actively learn mathematics. Although it is expected that the primary contributors to JOMA will be faculty, don't be surprised to see some contributions from graduate students and undergraduates.

JOMA is here and we're in for a great ride. So fasten your seat belts!

Published January, 2001
© 2001 by MAA

Don Albers, "JOMA: A Magnificent Addition to Our Journal Family," Convergence (September 2004)