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Coin Toss Experiment for the Law of Large Numbers

Ivo Dinov

Ivo Dinov
UCLA School of Medicine

This applet allows an interactive investigation of the Law of Large Numbers through a coin-tossing simulation.  It is an experiment within the Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) collection.

To access the applet, go to

and selecting "Coin Toss LLN Experiment" from the drop-down list of experiments in the left panel.

In addition, the author provides a "Law of Large Numbers Activity" that demonstrates hands-on what the main points of the Law of Large Numbers are and how the applet illustrates these using random coin tosses.

There is a button on the applet that takes you to the activity page, or you can view it directly by going to


Should work with a generic Java-enabled browser

Ivo Dinov, "Coin Toss Experiment for the Law of Large Numbers," Convergence (April 2007)