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A relation between Catalan Numbers and World Series type problems

\(N\) white balls and \(N\) black balls, identical in shape, are distributed into two identical bags. One bag is picked at random and one ball is drawn at random. How should the balls be...

This article explores how to load dice so that all possible sums are equally likely.

Conditional probability applied to OJ Simpson trial

A probabilistic explanation of a property of the hypergeometric distribution

Explores the Gaussian normal density through polynomial approximations

The author discusses conditional probabilities and presents three simple hypotheses from which the classical definition of conditioning follows.

The authors show, using probabilistic methods, that convergence implies Euler convergence, but not conversely.

Allowing use of wild cards in poker can lead to unresolvable inconsistencies.

The game of Russian roulette is generalized to \(n\) players, each with a revolver.