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Three adjacent windows display graphs of (1) a function \(f\)  and its derivative, (2) a function \(g\) and its derivative, and (3) a function \(h\) and its derivative.

Wolfram's demo for the first four derivatives of a fifth degree polynomial, with sliders for the coefficients of the polynomial and a particular value of \(x\).

Two adjacent windows display graphs of (1) a function \(f\)  and a tangent line, and (2) the derivative \(f  '\).

MSOffice Math is a free add-on to the MSWord2007 that allows the user to insert editable math notation, to simplify algebraic expressions, to solve equations, to differentiate or integrate functio
This site includes descriptions and examples of the Product Rule, the Reciprocal Rule, and the Quotient Rule.
Wolfram's demo for the chain rule, with a selection of possible "inside" and "outside" functions, and sliders for specifying a value of \(x\) and for adjusting the scales of plots showing graphs o
Wolfram's MathWorld has descriptions of the chain rule, both single variable and multivariable versions.
Instructors' notes break down steps for illustrating fundamental concepts for understanding and developing equations that model optimization problems, commonly referred to as max-min problems.
Instructors notes break down steps for twelve traditional related rates problems that are illustrated via animated gif and quicktime movies.

This graphic presentation illustrates the relationship between the shape of a function and the sign of the first derivative.