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Students investigate the limits of the functions \(x^n \sin(^1/_x)\) as \(x \to 0\) for \( n = 0, 1, 2\) and \(3\).
This GeoGebra applet allows interactive and visual exploration of the relationship between continuity and differentiability.

This is a Loci article that includes five GeoGebra applets to illustrate topics in real analysis, or a rigorous course in calculus.

A systematically presented multi-page course on basic trigonometry: trigonometry of triangles, laws of sines and cosines, angles, radian measure, trigonometric functions.
This applet allows the user to draw three dimensional solids with various cross section shapes, including shapes from standard calculus exercises such as squares, rectangles, equilateral triangles
Colorful presentations, many of them interactive, of topics from elementary algebra on up that students should know when they enter a calculus course, including inequalities, exponents, logarithms

A summary of the history of the problem of finding the region of greatest area bounded by a given perimeter, from Zenodorus and Pappus to Jakob Steiner (one page each).

The expression \(0^0\) is usually called an indeterminate form.