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Exploraton of The Fundamental Theorem (both parts) using worked examples in applets.
Worksheets are provided with sample questions on investigating the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

The purpose of this demo is to illustrate how hyperbolic functions and arc length integrals are used to model hanging cables.

A complete lesson on sinusoidal waves and acoustics. An embedded spreadsheet provides an interactive resource for phase shifts; otherwise, this is a static text-based webpage.

Instructors' notes break down steps for illustrating fundamental concepts for understanding and developing equations that model optimization problems, commonly referred to as max-min problems.
Instructors notes break down steps for twelve traditional related rates problems that are illustrated via animated gif and quicktime movies.
This applet helps users to visualize the relationship between the shape of the graph of a function and the graph of its derivative.

This matching game presents users with a game board showing graphs of functions on cards. The goal is to match the functions with their derivatives until there are no cards left on the board.

Worksheets are provided with sample questions on investigating extrema for AP test questions.
This web page includes an interactive Java applet that allows users to attempt to sketch an anti-derivative graph of various functions presented graphically, showing the true anti-derivative on a