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This video clearly explains all distributions associated with two-way tables including joint, marginal, and conditional distributions.
This page outlines an activity in which students must create and interpret two-way tables and must create conditional distributions.
This applet allows users to create conditional probability trees that immediately display all conditional probabilities and allows users to simulate probabilities using a ball-dropping visual.
This video lecture introduces joint, marginal, and conditional distributions. The example is for a discrete distribution, but captions describe how continuous distributions would work.
This is the home page for calculations and simulations on roulette bets.
This segment is part of the Virtual Labs in Probability and Statistics games of chance. The game and some bets are explained and the probabilities developed.
An explanation of the American Roulette game is given. The experiment consists of rolling a ball in a groove in the wheel; the ball eventually falls randomly into one of the 38 slots.
This is an interactive applet requiring Mathematica or the Wolfram CDF player.
"This applet shows a Galton board game with 10 rows."
An experiment can be run to illustrate a Poisson process. The rate of the process and the length of time can be varied by the user. The arrivals are shown as red dots on a timeline as they occur.