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  • 7-20-1632

    Carcavi entered parlement. Pierre de Carcavi became a member of the parlement of Toulouse, France. His friendship with Fermat dates from this time, and eventually would lead to friendships with Descartes, Pascal, and Mersenne.

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    Pierre de Carcavi
    Pierre de Fermat
  • 7-20-1819

    John Playfair died in Fife, Scotland. He is most famous for using Playfair's Axiom (or the Playfair Postulate), which he attributed to Proclus, to replace Euclid's Parallel Postulate.

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    John Playfair
  • 7-20-1866

    Bernhard Riemann died in Selasca, Italy. Most famous for Riemannian space and the Riemann integral, he was a student of Eisenstein, Dirichlet, and Gauss.

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    Bernhard Riemann
  • 7-20-1969

    Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, with Buzz Aldrin a close second.

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    Apollo 11 Lunar Landing
    Neil Armstrong
    Buzz Aldrin