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  • 5-25-1694

    Isaac Newton wrote Nathaniel Hawes: "A Vulgar Mechanick can practice what he has been taught or seen or done, but if he is in an error he knows not how to find it out and correct it, and if you put him out of his road, he is at a stand; Whereas he that is able to reason nimbly and judiciously about figure, force and motion, is never at rest till he gets over every rub." In 1980, Richard Westfall took Never at Rest as the title of his biography of Newton.

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  • 5-25-1842

    Doppler presented his effect. Johann Christian Doppler (1803-1853) presented a lecture on the Doppler Effect. It was first experimentally verified in 1845 using a locomotive drawing an open car with several trumpeters.

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    The Doppler Effect
  • 5-25-1898

    Otto Blumenthal, the first of David Hilbert's students, defended his dissertation on this day.

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