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  • 10-6-1570

    Cardano imprisoned for 87 days on charges of impiety (casting a horoscope of Christ). He spent the remaining five years of his life in Rome under the eye of a suspicious pope who nonetheless gave him a pension.

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    Girolamo Cardano
  • 10-6-1831

    Dedekind born in Braunschweig, Germany. He is best known for his Dedekind cuts to define real numbers and for his results in algebra and number theory.

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    Richard Dedekind
  • 10-6-1855

    August Crelle died in Berlin, Germany. He is best known for the mathematical journal he founded in 1826, known as Crelle's Journal, which published Abel's papers and those of many other important mathematicians.

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    August Crelle
    Niels Henrick Abel