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  • 2-23-1826

    Lobachevsky first announced his principles of non-Euclidean geometry in a talk at his home University of Kazan.

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    Nikolai Lobachevsky
  • 2-23-1855

    At 1:05 a.m. Gauss ceased breathing. His pocket watch, which he had carried with him most of his life, ceased ticking at almost exactly the same time.

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    Friedrich Gauss
  • 2-23-1922

    Anneli Lax born in Katowice, Poland. Best known for creating the MAA New Mathematical Library book series in response to the Soviet Sputnik launch in 1957, and for directing and editing the series until her death in 1999, she earned her Ph.D. in partial differential equations in 1955 at (what would become in 1964) the Courant Institute under none other than Richard Courant himself.

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    Anneli Lax