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  • 1-31-1632

    Joost Burgi died in Kassel, Germany. He invented logarithms independently of Napier and was "the most skilful instrument maker of his day" (O'Connor and Robertson, MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive).

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    Joost Burgi
    Burgi's invention of logarithms
  • 1-31-1715

    Birthdate of Giovanni Francesco Fagnano dei Toschi, son of Giulio Carlo Fagnano. He calculated the integral of the tangent.

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    Giovanni Fagnano dei Toschi
  • 1-31-1802

    Gauss elected a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Science.

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    Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • 1-31-1939

    Hewlett-Packard founded. HP calculators used the "reverse Polish notation" devised by Jan Lukasiewicz.

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    Jan Lukasiewicz