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Applets and Activities for Real Analysis - Description

Lee Stemkoski (Adelphi Univ.) and Christopher Storm (Adelphi Univ.)

This suite of five interactive applets (written with GeoGebra) allows exploration of definitions and theorems commonly presented in first-year analysis courses. Topics include sequence convergence, continuity at a point, the Mean Value theorem, Taylor series, and Riemann sums. Included with each applet is a pair of activities: one for becoming comfortable using the applet, and one for using the applet to explore the associated topic in depth.

Lee Stemkoski and Christopher Storm
Adelphi University

GeoGebra is an open source exploration/development tool that allows the creation of applets using a Java-based "player" understood by most browsers. If you have difficulty loading the applet, see for more information on the system/browser/java requirements for viewing GeoGebra applications.

Lee Stemkoski (Adelphi Univ.) and Christopher Storm (Adelphi Univ.), "Applets and Activities for Real Analysis - Description," Convergence (February 2010)