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Rhumb lines on a sphere correspond to straight lines on a Mercator projection. The authors parameterize the rhumb line on a sphere and finds its length.

The article illustrates a gap in some not-so-rigorous methods used by authors to use arc length to show the derivative of the sine function is the cosine function.

Lagrange multipliers are used to solve a problem that unifies common extrema problems of calculus.

The author describes an in-class experiment with strings being tied to form loops. The probability of the possible number of loops is examined.

Two counter examples are given for the way the second derivative tests are stated in calculus books.

Investigates the intersection of a plane through the midpoint of a torus and tangent to the surface.

The author uses differentiation to find the point of tangency for exponential functions for all bases and shows they lie on a horizontal line.

Forward homework could be a good way of teaching math.

The author uses geometry to clarify Simpson Paradox.