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An incredible compendium of geometry problems, illustrated with GeoGebra applets, by a little-known author.

An exploration of how the translations of Euler’s Letters to a German Princess came to differ from the original text.

A unique course combining the history of mathematics and travel.

An overview of Ladd-Franklin's contributions to symbolic logic, based on an explication of an excerpt from her doctoral dissertation.

A case where not simplifying fractions explains a curious rule for computing cube roots from medieval Arabic mathematics, with student exercises.

Essay on the justifications for using history to teach mathematics.

An English translation of and readers' guide to a paper related to an debate on numerical integration.

The article provides examples of ephemera, a sample analysis of one piece of ephemera, and suggestions for incorporating this form of primary source into mathematics classrooms.

A rich resource for teachers interested in bringing history to their classrooms.

Advice on promoting excellent student research and writing from a faculty advisor with one of the strongest records of winning papers in the HOM SIGMAA Student Paper Contest.