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A novel about Pythagoras and his followers

X, Y and Z hired a pasture for the season for $90.00. Each has a different number of mules and are on the pasture for a different number of days. How much is each to pay?

A biography of the 18th century author of an early calculus text, with some translations from the text.

Convergence Advisory Board 2004-2009

A creative expression combining text, design and illustrations, originally designed for the International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid.

Find a number having remainder 29 when divided by 30 and remainder 3 when divided by 4.

Suppose a lighthouse is built on the top of a rock; the distance between a place of observation and that part of the rock level with the eye is 620 yds.

As this biography reveals, Servois fought in battles for Paris and for the foundations of calculus.

A study of the rise of English algebra from the Medieval period to the end of the seventeenth century.

There are four winners of the HOM SIGMAA Student Paper Contest for 2008. The papers may be accessed here.