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An introduction to the prime numbers in many of their aspects.

Given four integers where if added together three at a time their sums are: 20, 22, 24, and 27. What are the integers?

Prove that a square circumscribed about a given circle is double in area to a square inscribed in the same circle.

Images from Frans van Schooten's 1659 edition of The Geometry of Rene Descartes

How many calves, goats and pigs did the farmer buy?

Find the greatest value of y in the equation a4 x2= (x2 + y2)3.

The history of the four color problem with sketches of the attempted proofs in the nineteenth century and an outline of the computer proof of the twentieth century.

There are many historical sessions during the 2007 summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America.

Three hundred pigs are to be prepared for a feast.

The dimensions of a rectangular box in inches are expressed by three consecutive numbers. The surface of the box is 292 square inches. Find the dimensions.