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This webpage displays fully-worked examples showing the solution of an exact first-order initial value problem.

This Java applet provides an approximate graphical solution for a first-order IVP entered by the user in the form \(dy/dx\).

This maplet combines visualization, mixing word problems, and then fill in the blank values/functions for the maplet.
The site contains many examples of spring-mass system using Mathematica. Examples must be downloaded to be used.
Demonstration of radioactive decay of C14 and its relationship to time. This resource requires download of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project (120MB).
This webpage presents, in Mathematica format and links, a very sophisticated and formal presentation of Laplace transforms.
This is a CDF file and requires Wolfram's free CDF Player plugin for your browser.
Static web page with complete details of using Maple to compute a power series solution of a second order ODE.
A collection of Maple 10 worksheets about analytically solving second order constant coefficient differential equations.
A short article that walks the reader through the development of a model of a population of coy and fast women and faithful and philandering men.